We can’t all climb canyons like Bear Grylls or wrangle reptiles like Steve Irwin used to, and not everyone wants to of course, but I do believe there is a longing for some element of wild adventure in most people and the proof of this is everywhere. Camping, fishing, mountain biking, four wheel driving and many other outdoor activities are all enjoyed by countless people worldwide, and with good reason. Almost all such pastimes reconnect us with the natural world in some capacity, and satisfies the primal, de-stressing urge within, to be in a wild place surrounded by wild things and working with nature’s rules.

 An adventurous lifestyle has always been a priority for me and caring for the environments that allow me such an amazing life is very important. I was fortunate to have been introduced to nature during my childhood, which inspired me to continue learning about the natural world and seeking ways to explore and enjoy it. Being with nature makes many of us feel complete, enhances our understanding of life and helps promote great health; even a gentle walk on soft grass in bare feet can relieve anxiety and makes us smile. Unfortunately, many people in this modern era don’t have the opportunity to engage with a natural eco-system, or the knowledge of how to. 

 The Wild Guy’s Adventure Lifestyle is all about enabling people to understand and respectfully experience our natural world without fear, without being unsafe or uncomfortable and to know where to go and how to get there. We want to share our adventure and travel knowledge with you, for we believe this is a freedom everyone should have, and children should be introduced to early in life. It’s a most incredible gift and affords us a stronger relationship with our planet and each other. 

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Your Amazing Adventure just may deliver you a life-changing experience, challenge your sense of adventure or simply provide you with all the amazing ingredients needed to recharge tired batteries. Whatever it is you feel you need, there’s a journey or activity that will render you wonderfully satisfied.  The reason I can say this with such confidence, is because our planet is a huge destination; vast, unique, and powerfully diverse. Think of Wild Guy Station as your taste of real Aussie adventure close to nature, and perhaps the starting point to further explore the world’s countless places and cultures.

 We believe Your Amazing Adventure starts here, because we know our huge backyard like the back of our hand and are seasoned travellers from way back! Enjoy our links, tips, downloads and more COMING SOON…..and in the meantime, enjoy our first downloadable Wild Guy Travel Guide – New Zealand North Island Showcase. 

 Just like many parts of our Wild Guy Website, this section will be expanded with lots of great content as we grow, and especially after we launch Wild Guy Station. When something is this good, it’s worth waiting for!