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The Wild Guy was originally developed as animated nature-focused media primarily for children. Whilst the Wild Guy brand and initiatives have expanded during our business development, one of our primary objectives remains; to continue to educate children, families and people of all and differing abilities about the natural world, and the foundation it gives us for life. Through visual media, live and screen performances and access to Wild Guy Station Australia and USA we will continue to reach, encourage and empower as many people as possible to work and play in harmony with the planet and each other.

 Our Wild Guy series, songs and merchandise range are all about children and adults understanding their place on the earth and how to respectfully enjoy the diverse and fascinating natural world that we live in. Our Wild Guy visual-media packages will be available for families, schools and educators providing a rich and unique source of quality entertainment and education combined.

 The Wild Guy for kids is geared to help all our precious youngsters find their inner ECO WARRIOR! Within the world of the Wild Guy, learning about nature, sharing awesome adventures and having loads of fun is just the beginning! 

 Stay tuned! COMING SOON….. In the meantime, please join our pending WG Adventure Club membership list by emailing us. We will contact you later in 2019 to keep you updated. 

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