We all have choices in our lives and very few of us could say they’ve never made a wrong choice in some way. It’s part of growing up and learning who we are and what we are in this world. The real test though is whether we learn and how good we are at listening and finding the right path.

The Wild Guy brand and Wild Guy Station’s origin lay in a very sincere and powerful place. It is through adversity and loss, great sadness and despair that Sandi and I had to make our greatest choices. To go forward or not.

We chose love and togetherness to be our biggest strength and that we should still be thankful to nature for its indifference, its complexity and its sustenance as one. Together we would establish an amazing story, a powerful tale and plan that could potentially reach children and families all over the world. We chose to give back at a time when we had nothing left to give; all we had was the belief that with love and determination, we would find a way.

Ours is one story in a world of incredible stories and amazing people. A world that gives us a natural order through which we can grow and strive to do the best we are able to. Our belief is that by giving back to others and to the earth in whatever ways we can, we are in fact giving to ourselves. The Wild Guy and Wild Guy Station stand for sharing hope, opportunity, knowledge and empowerment so we may always strive for our full potential in safety and protected by only love.

If you would like to give back, don’t hesitate. It feels good! If you are interested in joining with us and or supporting us to give back, we would love to hear from you. This is just the beginning.

 Cliff Guy