Establishing our Wild Guy brand and range, plus the huge Wild Guy Station development has been an amazing journey so far and continues to be an incredible adventure each and every day. It’s no secret our surname is Guy, and there is no doubt that many of our life-adventures are truly unique and Wild, so what better way to share this than with our own clips and photos. From the early days, through to building Wild Guy Station, share our raw and very real journey with us. 

 Join the ‘Wild Guys” - Home Grown! Cliff, his family, friends and crew…. Hardworking, adventure-loving and super-cool Aussies who were off the grid and setting a new benchmark in adventure-lifestyle long before most folks had even heard of it. Recycling, repurposing, close to nature and saving the planet every step of the way!

COMING SOON…In the meantime, please join our pending WG Adventure Club membership list by emailing us. We will contact you later in 2019 to keep you updated.

You can also follow us at https://www.instagram.com/wildguystation/