If you think a swim in the jungle pool, a walk through the rainforest and a scramble across our Wild Guy obstacle courses will satisfy your desire for adventure or nature-fix, you may well be right, but keep in mind there’s more than first meets the eye at Wild Guy Station!

The ‘Wild’ in Wild Guy Station isn’t restricted to normal activities. If you look carefully, you’ll find our Totally Wild Discovery trails and displays in a range of secret places, where you’re guaranteed an up close and personal experience with some rather unique creatures. There’s also a Nocturnal Rock-Tunnel planned; natures version of…….hang on….let’s perhaps keep the suspense here! 😊

Children absolutely love these parts of Wild Guy Station, and they also learn about these creatures and their habitats too, for some were once in existence, others remain mythical and some are so real looking, you will feel like the prey!

May we suggest you simply let your imagination go wild! 

Below are examples of just some of the unusual creatures we will be showcasing at WGS in partnership with our International colleagues.

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