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 Wild Guy and Wild Guy Station’s essential focus is based upon our unique way of delivering education through quality entertainment. We are in fact a gathering of professional artists, scientists, entertainers and more, tapping into the innate adventurous spirit that is within each of us; showcasing and sharing stories about the wonders of the natural world.

 If you’re ready to release your inner Wild Guy or Girl, or simply interested in learning more about nature or healthy outdoor activities, then The Wild Guy – Wild Guy Station in one way or another is for you. Our ‘Edu-tainment’ approach extends through everything we produce under our Wild Guy - WGS brands….. and ultimately you may just be invited to step inside our MEGA SIZED Wild Guy Arena for the live show experience of a lifetime!

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Wild Guy Station is not only a unique and amazing eco-destination, it’s also the primary hub for our professional visual media production. Behind the scenes are our two main business operations, Wild Guy Productions and The Eco Media Production Group. Wild Guy Productions is our overarching business brand, with The Eco Media Production Group (EMPG) the ‘mothership’ for our own high-end media work. EMPG was established in 2006 by Cliff Guy, to bring together the talents of many highly skilled people and focus primarily on conservation, educational and adventure-styled programming. We continue to offer professional photography, videography and journalism-consultancy services for individuals, events and businesses, whilst constantly producing our own Wild Guy and Wild Guy Station content for marketing, online and broadcast requirements. We also take great pride in working innovatively with our Sponsors and Partners for all their visual media requirements. Equipped with cutting edge cameras and production equipment, post-production and photographic studio facilities, and with decades of front-line experience, our team are all leaders in their field.

 Our crew includes media professionals, artists, scientists, legal and specialised service personnel; with many of our highly-skilled colleagues based in Australia, the USA, UK and several other countries.

 Behind the EMPG steering wheel are Creative Directors Kelly Cappelli and Cliff Guy. Heading up Wild Guy Productions and our research unit is multi-talented Sandra Salidu.

For more information on Kelly, Sandi and Cliff please visit our team page at Wild Guy Story.

For more samples of our photography and video production work please visit Eco Media Production Group by clicking the logo