For those people who might like glide, rather than stroll through the miles of amazing tracks and trails on Wild Guy Station, we have set up an idyllic soft-lawn camping ground high in the forest, for you and your beloved mountain bike to base, or your club or group can of course do a group booking. Many of our tracks are suitable for family-focused riding and numerous rest points with seating, tank water, shade and picnic areas are available. There are however, some more serious grades and rugged terrain trails here too, and it is extremely important to be fully aware of your own abilities and skill-level. For those who wish to practise their techniques, we also have a professionally designed and built skills track. Our Mountain Bike Park Camping area and forest eco-systems must be respected and kept clean, and all wildlife has right of way here. Tank water is available, and toilet and showering systems too, plus we often have fresh eggs and produce available to top up your culinary delights!