Quote: “After so many years of global exploration as a photo-journalist and TV presenter, often in the company of locals who know their part of the planet well, it feels somewhat inevitable that I should end up enthusiastically showcasing my own region to others.” Cliff Guy

My family and I chose the Coffs Coast of New South Wales, Australia as our home for its vast natural environments, incredible biodiversity and central east-coast position, and, we’ve taken things a step further. Nestled privately in the forest-laden Coffs Coast hinterland and only a short drive to some of the most expansive and pristine beaches, oceanic playgrounds and dive-sites in the world we have established the amazing Wild Guy Station (WGS); 115 acres of pure paradise with abundant wildlife and eco-systems, and a range of unique eco-sensitive facilities. Wild Guy Station is unlike any other destination and is perfectly aligned to our Wild Guy Productions ethos, visual media and merchandise suite; 100% off-grid and flourishing from the beautiful balance of sunshine and rain this region enjoys year-round.  Wild Guy Station has evolved to become the most significant element of our Wild Guy brand.  

Throughout our undulating WGS eucalypt and rainforests is a tapestry of professionally built and sign-posted trails. The clear-water perennial creek has a selection of manicured picnic areas and camp-sites where visitors can relax and listen to the songs of over 60 different bird species amidst the sounds of the Australian bush. Our proposed modern Eco-Village solar cabins are to be beautifully appointed and positioned idyllically around the property grounds, catering for all types of travellers and guests. Soft lawns, flowing terrain and wheelchair suitable pathways enable easy access to all WGS areas. Large vegetable and herb gardens, along with our colourful orchard provide a delicious array of fresh, organic foods, with the WGS ‘friendship farm’ and aviary offering quality ‘goat, hen and bird’ encounters, goat-milk products and super fresh eggs! 

Wild Guy Station has more unique facilities currently in development, including the Wild Guy Café, and several very exciting attractions. In due course we shall present all of this to you, but for now, my family and team here at Wild Guy Station would like to share a selection of photos of our magnificent property. We all look forward to meeting you and making your stay at Wild Guy Station the absolute best it can be.