Wild Guy Station has countless native bird, plant and animal species thriving in pristine habitats. From King Parrots to Koalas, Eastern Water Dragons to Powerful Owls, our wet sclerophyll forests and waterways are home to an abundance of amazing creatures and a stay at Wild Guy Station guarantees an encounter on the wild side! Being an oasis, nestled amidst a wilderness, we must also remember that your experience at Wild Guy Station may also put you in close proximity to a carpet python or a large Lace Monitor, and even though we are an incredibly comfortable eco-destination, being on the forest fringe means you might still come face to face with a mosquito or a leech. This is after all the Australian bush, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. These experiences are all a part of your amazing adventure here, and for more information on wildlife safety, species, conservation and encounters, you will soon be able to download one of our information fact files as a PDF and ultimately enjoy our WGS app.